Today Information Communication and Entertainment, I.C.E in short, has fully integrated over the net and cloud based infrastructure. These are all available as on-demand services. The opportunity and challenge is to find the strategic mix for positioning your brand value to customers by understanding their consumptive patterns.

Information Technology IT

The backbone of today’s business is based on IT. The sequencing of activities and the possibilities of automating a majority of functions has in fact, brought about drastic changes in banking, insurance,securities and finance business.

All B to C facing operations, interactions and communications are social media centric. There are compelling reasons and evidences that confirm that customers are greatly influenced during usage of social media.Also Marketing science has brought in new strategies to identify, track, monitor and engage potential customers with designated tools very effectively and economically been for small companies with conservative budgets. A company with an intelligent and well implemented marketing strategy can compete extremely effectively with an established brand in the market place.


Entertainment is the major bandwidth consumer section after IT information and data segment. The scope of entertainment to carry information and news or dedicated messages piggyback is a specialist expertise.

Image 100 is experienced to identify you specific niche areas where you can position yourself to achieve your goals. What and how it works shall be explained to the client which may not have exposure to multiplex communication strategies.