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Image100 services are distinct. We range from providing specialized intervention in the form of managing ground-level resistance to projects providing proactive solutions for new and existing companies. Our professionals provide multidisciplinary solutions to complex business challenges and opportunities faced by Indian and Global organizations. Based on the assignment we put together a mix of services we offer. These services can be either be on a sustained level or we work on project mode.


Our team is a mix of experience spanning decades and the vitality of the digitally savvy youngsters. Within this framework, we promise a creative thought process with orderliness and timely deliveries. Our team is trained to focus on customizing solutions with the business in mind.




As we take a step into the next era which is expected to bring life into the centre healthcare is going to be a primary concern. From providing high tech interventions such as Proton Therapy to Naturopathy we have the expertise to ideate and work on communication programs for our healthcare clients.



The demographic dividend that India possesses has become a fertile ground for education and training companies. We have the technological prowess to handle online education program and we also have the wherewithal to work with the colleges and schools. We provide strategy and execution assistance to start-ups in the education space.



We have the expertise to work with and educate the communities on the importance of industrialization. Our team has been actively involved in designing and running ground listening and ground whispering programs for a large company that faced severe resistance from the community for alleged pollution. Our team used a combination of digital whispering and engagement with the community on digital medic and also at the ground level.



We understand the product lifecycle has shortened drastically and we also understand the importance of the brand-building to sustain the product interest. We have worked with brands from its inception to taking it the market. We provide ideas on the suggestion to create markets and to take on the competition.




Media and Communication is our forte. We have experience in handling launch TV channels and publications and in working with large entertainment brands. Our core is in content creation and we work closely with traditional media and with a host of bloggers and influences.



We have crafted a variety of solutions to handle the different facets of the Entertainment Industry. From a blockbuster film to a podcast we know how to work on promotional programs for them.


Our Services



To build a brand in the mind of the consumer is the beginning of a sale. We have the depth and experience to be able to craft a brand philosophy and a brand story and communicate it to the target group in the most effective way to achieve the best results.

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Challenges in the form of crisis around bound to happen to any organization. We advise and act on how Crisis can be handled or minimized and then we provide solutions to make the best out of the crisis and come out of it stronger.

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There will be the listening ears and watchful eyes to collect information from sources and locations within the identified communities. We help establish immediate veins of information flow for your organisations by deploying our assets…

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Word of mouth has traditionally been an excellent way of promoting a product or a service. We have taken the best from WOW and added technology to get a tool that not only disseminates information but also gives us valuable data from ground level.

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We help the government with professional expertise. Designing communications that attract foreign investors or industries to a state, organizing global summits, running campaigns for social causes and raising awareness about government schemes…

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People talking to people. Real stories, real people, real experiences that will build trust and value for your brand. Building reliable, authentic and passionate connects is the key to success…

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Social media tracking, monitoring so as to ultimately eliminating negative content. Your credibility & trust in your brand enhance opportunities and reduce competitive threats. Aligned with your ethos and policies

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Political elections dynamics have changed dramatically with the advent and coming of the electronic media. Governments globally tend to influence national outcomes. Image 100 provides effective management for a successful political campaign…

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We help the government with professional expertise. Designing communications that attract foreign investors or industries to a state, organizing global summits, running campaigns for social causes and raising awareness about government schemes…

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Market surveys before you design a new product or brand, surveys and analysis on competition, surveys to measure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, surveys to find public opinion whatever be the information need, we do reports that are reliable and thorough…

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Image 100, An Integral part of Global village.

Our fields of expertise goes beyond the limitations of specific domains, whether it is FMCG, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Sports, IT or Telecom, Mining, Energy, TV or Print media, Film Industry, Politics, State or Central Government, since our core strength is winning the hearts and minds of the public for our clients.

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