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Each and every crisis is different in nature, from employee disputes to shareholder activism or remuneration disputes up to the threat of class action against any business or brand.

An expert crisis management team is ready to handle potential threats for the brand. The key to the crisis is to approach it on a wider reputation management field to protect the brand identity and build its reputation. One of the key actions in the media savvy world is to remove our client from the focus of a Social Media Witch hunt. Our speciality is in strategy, capacity building and crisis resolution.

We create custom interventions across the crisis life-cycle. Different stages of a crisis requires different support as time shapes the solution needed.

  • PredictWe do in-depth research on the company, competition, industry and identify and assess all the reputation risks for the company and create scenario planning in response to the issues becoming a crisis through identified triggers.
  • PreventWe create a reputation risk architecture and assessment process for our clients. We will work with your in-house PR and Stakeholders for awareness and preparedness.
  • ResolveIf a crisis has loomed, we will work with key stakeholders to offset any damage and set up a precise strategy to resolve the issue.
  • RespondAt this stage we execute all the planned and approved responses and content to the key stakeholders. This is the crisis communication stage, as you can see it is a small part of a wide approach to managing a crisis.
  • RecoverAt this stage we will execute timed pre-planned and approved responses which will help in building back the brands reputation in the Industry.