Best educational services provider in chennai

India today is the biggest potential market for education and training, given its young population, but the challenges are also equally huge. The technology of online educational process has been a great game changer. Today quality study materials is available anywhere, at any time of the students preference, through internet. Access to education has become universal and affordable even at remote locations. The resources are responsive to individual needs and rate of learning.


However employ ability remains a contradictory phenomenon. Employers need deep understanding of concepts and practical, relevant exposure for being effective and productive. Most Employers lack training capability. Students with theoretical knowledge and no relevant practical experience require long on the job training before they are productive.

The 3 important measurable outcomes for educational institutions are:

  • Competitive quality of resources- faculty, study content & research linkages.
  • Reputation Building – results, % going for higher studies and placements.
  • Communicate perceptive brand value- the vision and purpose that drives the goals.

Image 100 can help through three basic customizable services:

  • Strategic consultancy.
  • Integrated delivery systems design and implementation.
  • Create and implement communication to achieve the objectives.
Image 100 through its networked specialists can unwrap the dilemma of compelling social and environmental forces. We help institutions develop and pursue a consistent strategy to build industry links, enabling institutions to get funded research and development projects for beneficial application / needs of the society and industry. This helps strengthen the academic stature of the institution over a period of time. Image 100 can enable building trust and reputation with measurable outcomes which completes the student intake and financial viability loop.